The Art of Being Confident

At times, we see people who behave confidently as if they knew exactly what was going to happen and we stand looking surprised and amazed as to how easy those kind of people are able to appear confident. One little secret you have to know is that it is either there first time and they are very afraid that it would not work out or they have practiced over a long period of time and it has now become second nature to them.

Most people in life do not have all the things they have just as it was planned. Some get it more easily and others have to do extra great work to achieve the success they currently have. Being confident is an art to be built over time and not something that simply falls to our laps without working for it.

Being confident is the belief that what you are planning would go exactly the way you have planned and if it doesn’t, you would do everything you have to do to make it right. Simply thinking and not acting would not make you confident, and one more secret is that things appear to be more difficult than they really are.

Remember something you once told yourself was too difficult to achieve then you later achieved it and you keep asking yourself what exactly was difficult about the whole task. Same as confidence. You need to try as much as you can before you finally know whether it was hard or not.

Remember, things appear to be more difficult than they really are. So is being confident. Various questions flow through your mind, what if it does not work out, what if I am not the right person. A lot of what ifs would definitely blow your mind, but the most important what if to work with is what if I win?

Let that if be the only if that would keep pushing you forward and never look back at any other form of ifs. Keeping going and keep moving forward, confidence is a daily practice.

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